Things to know

Our Kayaks

A kayak trip can only paddle as fast as the slowest person, and that is why we use some of the best and most up to date equipment, as well as keep our group sizes small for personal instruction and mentoring.

Cape Kayaking uses a number of different types of kayaks that are all classified as DAY TOURING style vessels. These boats are between 14’ and 17’ in length and accommodate one person weighing between 100 lbs. – 280 lbs.

We do offer tandem (2 person) kayaks. Please read below.

We prefer to put everyone in single kayaks for obvious and not so obvious reasons:

  1. Speed and efficiency
  2. Independence, maneuverability and freedom to go left, right, straight, and backwards
  3. Reduce the aggravation of trying to coordinate paddle strokes
  4. When one person falls in, they are the only person responsible (and wet!)
  5. Learning skills and developing good paddling etiquette is easier

For our younger clients that do not quite weigh 100 lbs., or children that have had little experience in a kayak and do not want to be left on shore, Cape Kayaking has TANDEM TOURING kayaks. In this scenario, we pair the younger individual with a capable parent/guardian to paddle the kayak together. Most, if not all, of the work paddling in this situation is put on the adult.

We also can accommodate the smallest of kids (at your discretion). Our TANDEM TOURING kayaks have a removable 3rd (jump) seat that fits between the 2 regular paddlers. (And yes, we also have the PFD’s that fit).

Where and When to Meet

All tour description are accompanied with a map of all the public boat launches and parking areas that you will meet us at.

For all tours, you can drive and park your vehicle at the town landings. Please ​DO NOT PARK​ in a PERMIT PARKING area. We require you to be ready to paddle at least 15 minutes prior to the tour start time. Most ​public parking​ that is free of charge is ​along the side of the road ​leading to the permit parking areas. Please check in with your guide to verify that you are in the appropriate area to park your vehicle.

What to Bring

  • Footwear that can get wet (flip-flops are not preferred, but will do)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks (for the break)
  • Change of clothing (to drive home in)
  • Towel (if you plan to swim)
  • Any specific medication or medical device that you may need.

Tour Policies

All participants ​MUST​ ​WEAR ​a ​P​ersonal ​F​loatation ​D​evice (a.k.a. life jacket) at all times while on the water and operating equipment provided by Cape Kayaking.

No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the tours. Cape Kayaking has the authority to deny any persons participation in a tour if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind.