Pleasant Bay
Pochet Island

A diverse trek, but a rewarding paddle, that starts in the far northeast of Cape Cod’s largest contiguous bay. This paddle is 4.5 miles round trip over the course of 3 hours on the water. The waterways are shallow, however the winds can be a bit of a challenge while we paddle through the open waters of Little Pleasant Bay to reach the entrance into the narrow paths that wind behind Pochet Island. We time this paddle to utilize the flow and ebb of the tides allowing us to reach the backside of Nauset Beach where we take a break and walk over the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way are Blue, White and Green Herons, Osprey, and Egrets, as well as a vast amount of marine life under your vessel, including Horseshoe Crabs, Welks, Moon Snails and more.

This is one of our favorite paddles on Cape Cod, and sure to be an area that you will fall in love with.

Some previous paddling or athleticism is recommended for this tour.

The tour price is $90. A $45 deposit is required at time of booking, with the balance to be collected at the time of the tour.

Pochet Island, Pleasant Bay

Pleasant Bay - Pochet Island