Nauset Marsh
Low Tide

A nostalgic and calming paddle through the tidal flats of the Nauset Marsh.  Winding through the maze of exposed sand bars and marsh walls reveals many small wonders. The shallow waters make visible sea snails, crabs, fish and submerged vegetation that make up this complex estuary. Venturing through the shallow waters of low tide in the Nauset Harbor means few boaters and many exposed shellfish for the birds to feed on. The paddle starts from Hemenway Boat Landing in Eastham and the duration is approximately three hours on water with a short break on one of the many sand bars where you can learn techniques in how to find clams in the tidal flats. This is an excellent paddle for the nature lover and birder alike.

The tour price is $90. A $45 deposit is required at time of booking, with the balance to be collected at the time of the tour.

Nauset Marsh South Trail

Nauset Marsh - Low Tide