Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?
We recommend that you wear clothing appropriate for being at the beach. Swim trunks and a quick dry shirt (short or long sleeved), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a bottle of water, bug repellent and a snack if you like for when we take a break. We do provide DRY BAGS for those who may want to take a camera or anything else that may be sensitive to water exposure, but take care because they are not perfect.

Where do we meet for the tour?
Each tour meets at a public boat landing where Cape Kayaking will have all the equipment. The addresses for each paddle can be found here on our website. Go to the home page, scroll over the tour and click on the name of the tour to get directions.

What time should we arrive for the tour?
We would really like everyone to be ready to kayak 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Please take into consideration time to park your vehicle, change your clothing, put on sunscreen, get your belongings together and packed for the journey.

Is there parking available at the boat launch?
All the tours utilize public boat launches/landings. There are designated permit parking areas at each lots and then there is plenty of​ free parking for you​. All public/free parking is along the side of the roads. Please, do not park your vehicle in a “lined” parking place.

Are kids able to paddle in the tours?
We enjoy kids on most all of our tours. We provide equipment specifically sized for the smallest of infants up to those kids you refuse to recognize as young adults. Our tandem (2 person) kayaks are equipped with a 3rd (removable) seat for infants and small children located in between the 2 main seats, both fore and aft. Depending on the size of your child we prefer to pair them up with a stronger adult in a tandem. The child will be in the front seat with their own paddle while the adult in the rear of the boat will do most of the kayaking. For kids that are 100lbs or more, we would like to put them in their own kayak if they are fit enough to do the work for 3 hours of paddling. Please notify us in the comment section or by e-mail if you would like to use a tandem with your child.

What happens in the event of bad weather?
Cape Cod’s weather is unpredictable and even the weathermen have a difficult time being accurate. We are constantly checking the weather and will notify you by the e-mail you provided if we must cancel a trip as soon as possible. In most cases we will call early in the morning, the day of the tour and/or at least 2 hours before the scheduled tour. We respect that you are on vacation and want you to be able to plan an alternative activity for the day.

Can I get a refund on the tour if it is cancelled?
If Cape Kayaking has to cancel a tour we will do everything that we can to try and get you out on the water as soon as possible. With respects to busy schedules and planned activities while on Cape Cod, if we cannot accommodate you we will refund your deposit. There are no refunds issued if you cancel on a day we find suitable for paddling.

What type of kayaks are available for the trips?
Cape Kayaking’s boats are all touring style vessels.. They are between 14ft – 16ft in length, they are enclosed cockpits and are equipped with rudders to assist in steering. We have a variety of sizes of kayaks and we ask for the height and weight of each participant so that we can prepare the correct boat for you prior to your arrival for the tour.

Our tandem (2 person) kayaks are also considered touring boats with 2 individual cockpits and a rudder. While these boats are wider for better stability, they are still very efficient vessels in the tidal currents and wind.

How difficult is the kayaking?
Our Nauset Marsh Tours are some of the easiest because of the number of different routes that we can explore to avoid currents and wind.

Nauset Marsh Low Tide is our easiest tour with the shortest distance of paddling. We utilize the currents and also see the most wildlife under the surface.

Nauset Marsh High Tide can be a little more challenging due to paddling into the currents for the first 1⁄2 of the tour but usually an easy paddle on the second 1⁄2. Narrow and twisting water paths on this tour can be a little of a challenge for some people.

Herring River is also a great paddle because of the tides working in our favor throughout the trip. There are many winding trails and narrow passages that require steering however you will only end up in the long grasses of the marsh.

Pleasant Bay can be an easy and graceful paddle on a calm day when the winds are light. This paddle is almost all in exposed areas and when the wind is blowing can be a bit strenuous.

Pochet Island Paddle is geared towards those who have paddled before. The tour begins in relatively open and exposed bays and then cuts back into narrow and winding paths.

Monomoy Paddle is for those who want to explore the open waters and have experience kayaking. There is no shelter from the elements on this paddle. We paddle the open waters of the bay between the islands and along their coast.

All tours are approximately 3 hours of paddling. Unlike many paddling outfits, we are in constant motion with a break halfway through to get out of your craft and explore.

What is the difference between the High Tide and the Low Tide Nauset Marsh tours?
The depth of the water has everything to do with where we paddle and what we can possibly see on our excursions. During the Low Tide Paddle we slowly make our way around sandbars, mudflats and narrow water trails. A variety of bird life can be viewed at this time, the sandbars reveal clams, and we have the ability to search them out during the break when we get out of our boats. The High Tide paddle is when the water can be just a few feet deep allowing us to venture through the vast majority of the marsh. At this time we can sometimes paddle along with the seals and travel east to the Nauset (barrier/outer) Beach. We have many more areas to paddle through, however we do need to paddle into the currents of the tide which may require a little more physical activity.

How do I book the Clamming Tour?
You want to book the Nauset Marsh Low Tide Paddle. Clams are part of the wildlife and we cannot predict what the day will present us with, therefore it is not a guarantee that clamming is a possibility. Please be sure to inquire with us before we are out floating on the water about clamming during our excursion.

What are the restrictions for paddling with children?
We can take out the youngest of kids. Kids will be paired with an adult in a tandem (2 person) kayak. We always need to have a one child to one adult ratio. Children who are small enough (40lbs or less) can utilize a 3rd seat that fits into a tandem (2 person) kayak, however there must still be two adults to paddle that boat. The youngest will just be going along for the ride without a paddle. We regret that sometimes we cannot accommodate an entire family. (i.e. 2 adults and 3 kids who weigh between 40 lbs – 100lbs) because of these requirements.

Why do you need the Height and Weight of everyone?
Our equipment is not a one-size-fits-all. We require the height and weight of each person so that we can prepare the correct equipment prior to your arrival.

Single kayak vs. Tandem kayak?
With the information that you provide during the reservation process we can then determine what kayak we will prepare prior to your arrival. Under 100lb requires a tandem kayak with someone over 100lbs. All adults will have their own single kayak unless a special request has been made through the reservation process (notes), by email or by phone message.