Pleasant Bay
Pochet Island

A challenging but rewarding paddle that starts in the heart of the largest contiguous bay of the National Seashore. The boat launch is small and requires arrangements to be picked up and dropped off due to the lack of parking however the solitude and surrounding landscape is like nothing else. High tide allows us to circumnavigate the island by passing through some narrow water trails and under a bridge. The clear water is great for watching fish and horseshoe crabs pass underneath and the tall grass reveals many of the blue and green herons along with many other birds. It is common not to see any other paddlers on this trip and the challenge comes from constant turning through the narrow passages. For returning paddlers on Cape Cod, this trip quickly becomes their favorite.

This paddle can last anywhere from three to four hours. We take a break at a small bridge where there are paths that twist their way through the dunes to the National Seashore’s Nauset Beach.

Pochet Island, Pleasant Bay

Pleasant Bay - Pochet Island